Oregon Scientific WMR968 Weather Station Data Logging
How To Capture Weather Data from a WMR968 & Present it on a Web Page

The Oregon Scientific WMR968 weather station is a low-cost and versatile home weather station.  It includes wireless sensors for Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, Temperature (both inside and outside), Humidity, and Atmospheric Pressure.  Since the sensors are wireless, they can be placed optimally, and allow the main base station display to be placed in a convenient living area.  The unit also has the ability to log all the weather readings into a computer. 

While you can purchase a proprietary windows-based program to log this data and create a web page, I choose to run Linux on all my computers, and so had to develop my own method of logging this data and presenting it.  This web page describes the system and software.

Photos of the System

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WMR968 Base Station Sensors In my Kitchen Indoor Sensor Signal Transmitter Wind Gage Rain Gage
Base Station Sensors Base Station In use Pressure Sensor Signal Transmitter Wind Gage Rain Gage


The data logging software is available here.  It is written in Python, a very nice computer language that I found very easy to learn. I based my python program on "wxlog.bas" by Ken J. Turner. His excellent program was simple, written in Microsoft's QBASIC, and well documented. Except for the fact that it was written in BASIC and that I didn't write it, I would have used his program. Not willing to leave well-enough alone, I decided to re-write the data logging system, learning how it all works, and customizing it for my use.

I had a hard time finding any good data about programming the WMR968 besides Mr Turner's on the Internet.  Oregon Scientific apparently does not publish anything about it.  (My queries to them were acknowledged politely, then completely ignored.)  

There were several things I learned about the WMR968.  These are:

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